Prequalification Checklist

· Must be 21 Years of Age

· Possess a valid Class A CDL 

· Verifiable driving experience – minimum 2 months recent T/T driving experience

· Maximum – 3 moving violations in past 3 years

· Maximum – 1 serious moving violation in past 3 years

· No careless or reckless driving in the past 5 years

· No rollover accident in the past 3 years

· No major preventable accident in the past 3 years

· We evaluate criminal convictions on a case-by-case basis depending on the nature and gravity of   the offense, and the time passed since occurrence.

· No DUI/DWI in CMV ever. Minimum 1 DUI/DWI in personal vehicle and must be at least 5 years old

· Must pass driving test and hair-follicle drug test for employment

Our requirements are intended to be tough. We are not interested in hiring average drivers. We want the best truckdrivers on the road.